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To Another Level


Dear Jesus

I come to you asking, seeking for answers. I need to know that you hear me. Do you hear me? Do you even see me? Can I call on you at anytime? Can I tell you everything? Will you HELP me? Can we talk about life? Where is my life going? How can I matter with billions of people in this earth? Can you guide me through this life? When I feel disconnected will you draw me back in? Why do I allow others to draw me away from the truth? Is there another life after death? Will you be there? Is heaven a real place? Everyone says you are LOVE, then where is the love in your people? I allowed my heart to be broken into pieces, can you fix it? The truth is, Jesus, I didn't listen to you. Can I love you with all my heart? Where can I find truth? Can I find the truth in the Bible about you and God? Can I come again to you tomorrow? So you have the time to hear me? So all I have to do is believe in you and how you showed me your love? Then I will be safe? Then I will be connected? Then I will know what to do with my life? Dear Jesus, thank you listening.

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