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To Another Level


Dear Jesus

Dear Jesus, I am writing you this letter for a lot is on my mind. I know you know what's bothering me and why I am coming to you for guidance. How can we the people come together as one? Killings after killings, death after death! We need to love each other. We all need to love each as sisters and brother in Christ. Stop hating on one another.

Dear Jesus, I am hurting because the world is becoming more and more corrupt. We need your help. There seems to be no compassion anymore. For example, homeless people don't get shown as much love or get help from your people. what about the sick who may not have anyone to call on. Help us your people, Lord, to come together and be better people. Help us, guide us to build and create oneness with one another. Guide us Lord, so we can strive to get to your Kingdom.

Dear Jesus, I just want to say thank you for all you have done for your people. Some people don't even know it was you who maWant to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon. Made a way out of no way in their situations. But I know, Jesus, for a fact that you woke us up every morning to start our day. P.S. I know the day of your coming is soon. The question is, are your people ready for your arrival? Can we say that we will make it into heaven? We need to look deep within ourselves. The kingdom of God awaits those who believe. The goal is to bring souls to you, dear Lord. I love you and even though you gave a biological

father who I love to death, at the end of the day you are my true Father God.

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