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To Another Level


Dear Jesus

Today has been a wonderful day. I really enjoyed how you answered my prayers. I thought I was lonely but you provided me comfort. I thought I was lost but you found me. I thought I was sick but you healed me. I thought I was confused but you infused me wisdom. I thought I was unteachable but you are the Mater Teacher that I can depend on. Jesus, What better friend could I ask for? What could I do for you? How could I show others the love and peace that you have shown me? What assignment Could I have to show my love for you? Yes Jesus, I will be faithful. Yes Jesus, I will forgive and forget. Yes, I will pray for others and treat them as if it were me. Yes Jesus, I will show mercy as you have shown me mercy beyond understanding. Jesus, when I have a hard time forgiving please give me the strength to do exactly what your word tells me. Dear Jesus, I want to be free and not tangled up with bitterness and strife. Let me be a peacemaker. I want to improve my life and so I will believe and take your words into my heart, mind and soul. I want to be an ambassador, representing your life that you gave for us all. Dear Jesus, thank you for the assignment.


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